Hi Capa 5.1 Strike Front Kit NEO

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Hi Capa 5.1 Strike Front Kit NEO
●Strike Front for that aggressive look
●Compatible with our fluted outer barrels
●Picatinny rail space for expanded customization
●Easy installation
Customize your Hi Capa 5.1 to the extreme with Strike Front kit, making for an aggressive and intimidating appearance. The bottom picatinny rail adds a considerable amount of rail real estate for use with a variety of lights, lasers, and other mounts. Made of durable aluminum, the front kit doesn't sacrifice the mobility of your Hi Capa while keeping the kit and any additional modifications secured to your gun. Cooking and preparing meat with your Hi Capa Strike Front is not advised.
■Brand: Nine Ball
■Material: Aluminum alloy

■JAN: 4571443176011
・Tokyo Marui GBB Hi Capa 5.1 Series
・Hi-Capa D.O.R
※Not compatible with stock Gold Match frame
※The picture shown is a product sample, the actual color and specification may vary.
※Gun and other parts sold separately. 
※Using this product for other than what it is intended is not recommended
※Please use caution when handling the strike front as it is sharp, lack of care may result in injury and LayLax does not hold any liability in such a case.

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