JLP XTREME Disconnector & Firing Pin Lock set for TM HI-CAPA Series



-Hollow-Cut ultra light weight design
-Made by 304 Stainless Steel 
-Produced by High Precision CNC machine 
-Mirror-finishing ensure low friction between parts 
-Low/No friction RELIEF-CUT (see photos)
Prevent scratching on the side wall of the blowback housing and reduce friction.
Ensure the firing pin lock can 100% fully pushing down into the bottom by the blowback housing. The result are releasing the pressure and prevent wear and tear on the top of the parts.

Weight: Disconnector 2.6g Firing Pin Lock 0.8g

Suitable for TM/AW/WE/KJ HI-CAPA Series

Product Code: JLP-XDS

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