AMPHIBIOUS Red-Dot Sight Mount for Hi-Capa

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AMPHIBIOUS Red-Dot Sight Mount for TM Hi-Capa series 🎉🎊🎊

The sight mount is made by aircraft grade Aluminium. 3 types of foot print holes on the top of the mount, which can install most of the mini red-dot sights on the market. Dual function design for Fast Mounting or Permanent Mounting 🔛☑️☑️

1️⃣ Fast Mounting
🔺The Slide Lock Push Pin pushed into the back of the sight mount notch 🔘
🔺Tighten the sight mount by stainless steel pin passing through the frame 🔧

2️⃣ Permanent Mounting
🔺Remove the Slide Lock Push Pin for sight mount minor tilt angle adjustment 🛠
🔺Drilling a M4 and M3 holes on the frame according to the position of the screw’s holes on the sight mount 👈🏻
🔺Tighten the long M4 and M3 screw passing through the frame 🔩
🔺Tighten the steel pin passing through the frame 🔧

Suitable Red-Dot Sights model:
✅DOCTOR series
✅MARUI Micro Pro sight
✅VECTOR Optics mini sight series
and more…

Available in 5 colour: Silver, Black, Gold, Red, Blue ⚪️⚫️🟡🔴🔵

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